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Reporter : Kim Bo-eun
Thu, September 28, 2023 | 00:38
Popularity of 'Squid Game' reignites net neutrality debate
The huge success of the Netflix series “Squid Game” has led to a surge in network traffic, raising calls for the global content producer to pay for the usage of telecommunications infrastructure. At the crux of the issue is who will take on the bigger burden of surging data costs ignited by the popularity of streaming content during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Samsung Electronics stock on course toward rebound
Samsung Electronics' stock price is expected to pick up momentum in the coming months on the back of the company's improvements in non-memory chip earnings and strong demand for its foldable smartphones, analysts said Sunday. The forecast came as the tech giant's stock has remained sluggish, due to an expected slowdown in the memory chip market, despite record quarterly earni...
Global institutions call for Samsung to embrace environmental vision
Samsung is facing growing calls from global institutional investors to make a greater environmental commitment through its businesses. Samsung is the only one out of the country's four major groups that has not joined Renewable Energy 100 (RE100), a global initiative seeking to source 100 percent of electricity consumption from renewable sources.
Apple called on to pay W55 bil. in corporate taxes
A lawmaker is claiming that U.S. tech giant Apple's local subsidiary should pay up to 55 billion won in corporate taxes from iPhone advertising costs it forced on local mobile carriers. According to Rep. Jang Hye-young of the social democratic minor opposition Justice Party, Tuesday, Apple is estimated to be required to pay 36.6 to 55 billion won in corporate taxes for advert...
SK Innovation launches new battery entity 'SK On'
SK Innovation (SKI) officially split off its battery business into a wholly owned subsidiary named “SK On,” in a bid to maximize growth and turn it into a global leading player, the company said Friday. SKI's Battery Division President Ji Dong-seop has been appointed as SK On's CEO. SK seeks to rank among the world's top 3 electric vehicle (EV) battery makers by 2030.
LG Group chairman stresses customer value at executive meeting
LG Group Chairman Koo Kwang-mo emphasized customer value at a meeting with the top executives of the group's affiliates, the conglomerate said Friday. Koo has continued to stress customer value since taking the leadership position of the group in June 2018, at the age of 40, after the late Chairman Koo Bon-moo passed away.
Chip shortage weighing on Samsung, Apple's latest smartphones
More than a month has passed since Samsung released the latest editions of its foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, but customers are still waiting to receive the models. Apple's latest iPhone 13 faces the same situation.
Netflix bracing for Assembly audit
Netflix claimed it contributed an estimated 5.6 trillion won ($4.8 billion) to the local economy ahead of the National Assembly's audit set to grill the U.S. entertainment platform over shouldering network costs.
ECCK calls for recognition of vaccination certificates at annual white paper event
The European business lobby called for mutual recognition of vaccination certificates by the governments of Korea and the European Union, in order to facilitate business travel.
Korea urged to confront US calls for key chip info
The government is facing growing calls from local industries and experts to stand up to the U.S.'s “undue” demand for Korean semiconductor manufacturers to reveal key business information, in a bid to protect the nation's local chip industry. Sources and experts claim that giving up such data could undermine local players' bargaining power and end up hurting their competitive...