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Tue, November 29, 2022 | 16:07
[DEAR ABBY] Bride-to-be doesn't want sister in wedding party
DEAR ABBY: I became engaged to a wonderful man five months ago. 애비 선생님께: 저는 5개월 전 아주 멋진 남자와 약혼을 했습니다.
Music producer explains why he dove into K-pop world
'K-pop format allows limitless musical experimentation' 'K팝 구성 방식은 제한 없는 음악적 실험을 가능하게 한다'
Abortion remains stuck in legal gray area in Korea
Pro-choice advocates call for insurance coverage of abortion, while doctors oppose it 임신 중절 합법화 찬성파, 낙태에 보험 적용 촉구하며 의사들과 대립
[EDITORIAL] Stop siding with North Korea
China, Russia hit for opposing more sanctions 중국과 러시아, 추가 제재 반대로 비판 받아
[DEAR ABBY] Old romance rekindled amid current marriage
DEAR ABBY: I have been in love with a man for 34 years. 애비 선생님께: 한 남자를 34년간 사랑했습니다.
Korea to build Antarctica's 6th inland station by 2030
The government will build an inland research station in Antarctica by 2030. 정부가 2030년까지 남국 내륙기지를 구축할 계획이라고 밝혔다.
Busan's red-light district survives Korea's 2004 sex trade ban
Short-staffed, under-funded police grapple with crackdowns on brothels 경찰, 인력 및 예산 부족으로 업소 단속에 어려움 겪어
89-year-old knitting artist proves age is just number
Late-bloomer Seo Yoon-nam holds 10th exhibition with clothes for BTS dolls 대기만성형 서윤남 작가, BTS 인형 옷을 포함한 10번째 전시회 개최
Korean firms seek to capitalize on Qatar World Cup
Hyundai Motor, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and other Korean companies are trying to capitalize on this year's FIFA World Cup. 현대자동차, 삼성전자, LG전자와 다른 한국 기업들은 올해 열리는 FIFA 월드컵을 활용하기 위해 노력하고 있다.
Hong Kong becomes battlefield for Shine Muscat grapes among Korea, Japan, China
HONG KONG - Shine Muscat grapes - developed in Japan - are popular in Hong Kong. 홍콩 - 일본에서 개발된 샤인머스캣은 홍콩에서 인기가 많다.
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