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Fri, February 23, 2024 | 19:32
Who will Korean Americans vote for?
SEATTLE - Koreans with voting rights in the U.S. head to the polls today to cast their ballots in what is considered one of the messiest, most contentious and controversial presidential elections in U.S. history. As unpredictable as this election night is expected to be, it is unclear whether Koreans, as a whole, will choose the Democratic or Republican ticket. ``I've never s...
Floyd protests take Koreans back to LA riots
Nights are long these days for many Koreans in every corner of the U.S.
Pandemic forgotten in US amid riots
SEATTLE - Despite climbing infections and death tolls, coronavirus news has been pushed off headlines in the U.S. as the country grapples with mayhem, destruction and riots sparked by the death of another black person in police custody.
Koreans in US daydream of trip back home
SEATTLE - For many Koreans in the U.S., their mother country has never felt so far away before. The coronavirus has closed off their connection to Korea in unexpected ways, they say.
A look inside life in quarantine
It's a weird feeling to be grounded as an adult. I'm more than three weeks into this life of pseudo-lockdown and it still feels weird to be confined to my house, strongly discouraged to do the most ordinary and mundane activities I used to do outside.
Masks take trendy turn in US
SEATTLE - Now that masks are officially encouraged - and even mandated in some cities - across the U.S., people are scrambling to find face coverings to help protect them and others from the coronavirus. But crunched with a severe shortage of face masks, the American mask scene is becoming noticeably snazzy as everything from denim to used summer dresses are getting transform...
Mask dilemma troubles Koreans in US
Michelle Kwak wants to wear a mask, especially considering how badly COVID-19 is hitting her immediate suburb of Seattle. But she finds herself dealing with a significant - to wear or not to wear - struggle every time she ventures out of the house to the grocery store.
'Chapaguri' emerging as quarantine food?
SEATTLE -- As the rapidly spreading coronavirus forces more people into self-quarantine here in the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak, toilet papers and hand sanitizers aren't the only items they're buying up.
Koreans in US discriminated against over coronavirus
``At work, at Costco, at the doctor's office...I keep getting this odd feeling that people are looking at me in a way unlike before,'' said a 41-year-old, who works as a bank teller in the Bay Area. ``Their facial expression looks as if they're trying to decipher if I'm sick or not.''
Americans 'waiting' for North Korea's gift
SEATTLE - Christmas has come and gone, but North Korea has yet to carry through on its ominous threat of a “Christmas gift” to the U.S. And the late delivery has Americans wondering.
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