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Reporter : Park Han-sol
Fri, September 29, 2023 | 08:37
[INTERVIEW] Sotheby's returns as Korea's art market regains luster
Sotheby’s, one of the world’s largest auction houses along with Christie’s, made a comeback to Korea this week with the opening of a new space in Seoul nearly three decades after its initial withdrawal.
[INTERVIEW] Seoul becomes magnet for global galleries despite fluctuating market
Scattered across a scenic rooftop garden of newly-opened Whitestone Gallery in central Seoul's Yongsan District on a cloudless September afternoon were moon jars made by rising Korean ceramicist Shin Won-dong.
Chang Uc-chin's lifelong pursuit of beauty in the mundane traced in his largest retrospective
Sometimes, two bite-sized paintings are all that it takes to encapsulate an artist’s decades-long quest to find beauty in the mundane and the simple.
Japanese colonial company-turned-museum in Daejeon celebrates opening with Anselm Kiefer
DAEJEON ― It was in 1908, shortly before Japanese colonial rule (1910-45) began, when imperial Japan established the Oriental Development Company in the heart of Seoul as a state-led economic enterprise to control and exploit Korea's land and resources.
[INTERVIEW] How cosmic vision and lost histories collide in Tavares Strachan's art
Entering Perrotin Seoul, where Tavares Strachan's first solo exhibition in Asia has been mounted, is like a cosmic experience.
[INTERVIEW] Yue Minjun's canvas evolves from laughing faces to blooming flowers
Even just a cursory glance at Yue Minjun’s “self-portraits” reveals what has made the 61-year-old painter an enduring icon of Chinese contemporary art.
Dealers at Frieze optimistic about Korea's art scene despite market readjustment
The Korean art market experienced an unprecedented boom since the COVID-19 pandemic, further boosted by Frieze Seoul's debut in 2022. Market records were broken last year when art sales surpassed the 1 trillion won ($748 million) mark for the first time.
Frieze Seoul returns with more collectors from Asia
Following a splashy debut last year, Frieze Seoul returned to COEX in the ritzy Gangnam District in the southern part of the capital this week to offer another two-for-one art fair experience with its local counterpart Kiaf Seoul.
[INTERVIEW] Phillips Asia chairman sees Korea as foothold in Asian art market
It isn't just the galleries and museums across Korea that are joining the art-filled action on the occasion of the return of two major art fairs - Frieze and Kiaf Seoul - this week. As the leading global auction houses have mounted their own free pop-up exhibitions throughout the capital city, dazzling art lovers who are traveling beyond the fair venue at COEX in southern Seo...
Must-see shows during Frieze and Kiaf Seoul 2023 (2)
In tandem with the return of two leading art fairs - Frieze and Kiaf Seoul - at COEX in southern Seoul, Sept. 6, Korea will see a flurry of exhibition openings and late-night soirees at museums and galleries strewn across its capital city.
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