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Reporter : Oh Young-jin
Mon, February 26, 2024 | 15:43
Message of hope from two pastors at Yoido Full Gospel Church
The coronavirus pandemic throws the world upside down: nations under lockdown and people cut off from each other and isolated from their daily lives. This viral attack makes humans feel helpless - the victims of infinitesimal beings - and prompts them to engage in collective soul searching. Spiritual consolation is what churches have long been providing. But the places of wor...
Mr. President, undo your pay cut
I will only take “your heart” that comes with your kind offer. That would be my response to a 40 percent pay cut President Moon Jae-in made together with top government officials. Moon kindly offered the chunk of his salary to people suffering the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic - hundreds of thousands of small merchants and gig workers who have seen their incomes...
Infinitesimal virus humbles us (With Photos)
We are but a tiny speck in the universe, or so we would say to suppress our all-too-human, ever-expanding ego. Now, that observation is made to sound insouciant. We, mankind, are under attack by a virus, an unthinking microbe that only lives to replicate itself in a living being until the host dies out.
Complacency will bring Korea second wave of coronavirus attack: expert
Dr. Hakim Djaballah, a New York-based virology expert, told The Korea Times of the possibility of the second wave of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, if Korea becomes complacent as its current viral crisis is being tamped down. "Most politicians have the tendency to do [so] as the elections are approaching, and with a very short recollection of events; then there would be a mu...
'American collective mindset' causes corona bungling
I've always been impressed with how quickly Korea's society could militarize, compared to America's individualistic society where it would be like herding cats. America's bungling of this coronavirus is a mixture of an incompetent president/government as well as our collective mindset that we can do whatever we want to do because we can.
Minister Kang: our best Joan of Arc for now
“Slapping travel restrictions on Koreans entering foreign countries is as domestic an affair as the Korean government is protesting about it.” This is what one foreign ambassador stationed in Seoul told me regarding Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha's forlorn, thankless campaign to stem the tide of countries blocking Koreans from setting foot on their soil lest they bring the o...
At worst case, COVID may reach up to 20% of global population: expert
Regarding the ultimate number of infected, he wouldn't go any more 20 percent of the global population. “If it turns out that China is not telling the truth about the number of confirmed cases, maybe it would be feasible to reach up to 20 percent and no more,” he said.
Top 10 follies in coronavirus fight
My Top 10 list is not about the best of things but the worst of them in the fight against the coronavirus by Korea and the world. I don't think anybody will feel upset if they are not included on this list of follies and foibles. But its purpose is to put ourselves into perspective, detaching us from our daily viral battle. Seriously as we may take this fight and determined a...
Expert: Coronavirus acting like bacteria ― greater health hazard
The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak is caused by a new coronavirus ― still a virus. But calling it a “cryptic virus” as little is understood about it, virologist Dr. Hakim Djaballah raises the possibility it is acting like a bacterium, meaning it could be more contagious and last longer in the environment.
Coronavirus: China's secrecy and WHO's mission
Conspiracy theories and misinformation on this newly discovered coronavirus keep emerging and many stories have already been debunked. These are a few examples. Right-wing groups believe China intentionally made the virus to unleash it on the rest of the world, seeking economic dominance and supremacy; except it prematurely released it on its own soil and failed to contain it.
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