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Fri, December 2, 2022 | 12:03
Date : 2011-05-20 / Hit : 3410
Are you just starting to learn Korean? But you haven't or can't enrol in formal classes and you're thinking of doing language exchange and just learning at your own pace? Do you need some structure and a textbook you can use on your own, at home, at your own pace with EXPLANATIONS IN ENGLISH?

If you're doing language exchange, this book will make it easy for your language exchange partner to teach you even if they have no teaching experience or skills and don't know a thing about Korean grammar or how to explain it. Just read the explanations in English yourself and all your partner has to do is help you with pronunciation, correction and so on. The textbook:
"An Introductory Course in Korean: Book 1" - Yonsei Univ. Press. This is a comprehensive textbook and quite a thick paperback (pages are a bit shorter than A4 paper size) with a lot of explanation of grammar and so on. Lots of examples and exercises. This textbook is in very good condition. Selling it for W8000

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