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Fri, December 2, 2022 | 12:20
Language Exchange Is Not Good...
Date : 2011-05-10 / Hit : 3568

...many of my korean friends have tried to learn english through language exchange (LE) and have failed.

why? because LE is not productive and commitment or quality is not guaranteed. most LEs are for fun and learning is usually not the primary condition. (ie. drinking, dating, making friends, etc.)

then what about english academies?

well, you can learn more by taking classes but they are very expensive and not enough attention is given to each korean student.

so what is the most effective and efficient way to learn english?

professional 1:1 sessions are highly recommended because they focus on YOUR needs in improving your speaking, fluency, listening and personal correction.

for 4 years i have privately taught businessmen, adults, and students from elementary all the way to university through 1:1 sessions with complete professionalism and satisfaction and am offering these services to you if you are serious in taking the next step at improving your english.

class times are flexible, rates are flexible, learning pace also flexible...

don't waste your time and/or money investing in ineffecient methods and learn english the right way.

for more information please email me at:


and let us help your reach your goals!

thank you,