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Fri, December 2, 2022 | 12:29
Looking for language exchange partner.
Date : 2011-03-09 / Hit : 3696
Hello, I am JK, 37-year-old guy.

I am looking for nice friends who can be language exchange partner

I have been an Engineer (in the mechanical and environmental department)for ten years, now I am so intrigued in the trade with foreign country. That is why I went to Vancouver for 6 months to learn how to speak English. I met nice friends there.

I like to meet nice foreign friends because other cultures and different ideas we got always give great and special experiences and impressions to each other.

I am married, going to be father soon and I live around Seoul and like drinking, I am not picky at the sort of drink and I always want to get drinking buddy :-) haha Probably, we can hang out at the pub or just with coffee, maybe, with my wife and friends who can speak English a little. Just we can be cool friends to each other, we can help each other for lots of things. We can talk about hobbies or sports we like, we can talk about family or each business if we want. Maybe we can have connection each other, who knows?

Probably..this ad can be suitable to anyone who hope to have some friendly and helpful Korean guy and not to make any issue as a matter of girl or boy friends :-)

I also know it is not easy to get any chance to meet someone via add like this.. but it is worth a shot..isn`t it???

FYI, My place is in An-yang(south of seoul, it takes 15minutes by subway), My work is at Seong-Nam(close from Seoul, too). Surely, I don`t care how we live far away.

I`m waiting for your mail.

How to contact??