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Mon, August 8, 2022 | 01:20
Date : 2012-06-18 / Hit : 4615
DATE: Saturday, July 7th
TIME: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
VENUE: Naru culture & Art center(nearest station: KonkukUniv. Stn Line 2-exit 5,or, Line 7-exit 4)
COST: 10,000WON (all proceeds go toward ‘Al Noor’ in South Africa) Donations welcomed.

DESCRIPTION: Mannam Volunteer Association is to host a concert to help children in South Africa who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and lacking in school supplies.
Performers who are all consisted of international expats will become one to deliver world peace. The main performers of this concert include MAGNA FALL, 4번출구, USED CASSETTE, SAMMY CLAY, JESSE DAY.
All PROCEEDS and donations collected from this concert will go to the volunteer group ‘Al Noor’ which focuses on helping orphans or children with AIDS in South Africa. You can find more information on themat

1. From Exit No. 5 of KonkukUniv. Stn (Line 2) -> Cross at the crosswalk -> go straight about 150m in the direction of cheongdam Bridge
2. From Exit No 4 of konkukUnivStn (Line 7) -> go straight in direction of the Exit -> go straight about 150m in direction of cheondam Bridge

For more information, visit or the official website,