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Mon, August 8, 2022 | 00:53
looking for friend
Date : 2012-05-31 / Hit : 5627
Hi, I'm 34 korean guy with my sweet wife and 2-year-old daughter living around western Seoul (su-saek). I'm so looking for foreign friend to talk about everyday- things in english. This may look selfish for the thought that only developing my english level, but I also want to give a hand to some hard-adapting foreigners in Korea, which they can settle at this country well.
Or you can think me as one of your house-around friend to hang out sometimes.
I don't care where you are from, how old you are, your sex, your appearance, of course. All I want is to share everyday-things in English or sometimes Korean.
I can teach you Korean language or some tip about seoul city life. Probably we can visit each other's house with family to have dinner.
Anyway thanx for reading my long wishes, and hope we can be sort of deep-heart friend.

iphone : 010-2333-3474
Skype : kyle95627