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Are You Familiar With the Oil Seals?
Date : 2012-07-23 / Hit : 4473
Are You Familiar With the Oil Seals?
Usually speaking, the working principle of the Plastic extrusion is simple. In the free condition, the inside diameter of the oil seal's lip is smaller than that of the shaft collar. And it's the shrink range. After this seal is installed, the interference pressure and the shrinkage force will generate the radial thrust on the slewing axis. When this seal is in operation, the lip of the oil seal will form a seal belt under the influence of the radial thrust. Under the pressure of the yiwu export agent the liquid permeates the innovative of the oil seal as well as a layer of oil film is formed. The oil layer can prevent the oil leakage and play an important role in sealability.

Are you familiar with the Air fitting? Basically speaking, it is an element that is used to seal the oil. It is the important part for all kinds of mechanical equipments. Although it is small, its application is wide. To some extent, its quality and properties have a direct influence on the reliability of the mechanical equipment. A number of these seals have a year's operation life. Some can only be used for several months. These seals are basically out of service because of the pulse valve. As a result, the working efficiency of the mechanical equipment is seriously affected. Meanwhile, the production cost is increased and the environment is polluted.

How to solve the abovementioned Sexy dresses will be introduced as follow. First, the basic process is to grasp the knowledge of the Oil Seals. Then people can identify the quality and function. Second, check and maintain this seal regularly. As far as they know, the oil seals are often used in the harsh working conditions. The difference in temperature is large and there is a lot of dust in the environment. If people do not examine them, they are basically out of Rubber seal. Third, if the shaft collar is seriously abraded or the rubber of this seal becomes elderly, the related parts ought to be repaired or changed immediately. Fourth, the unused oil seals ought to be kept properly. Or else, the seals will be basically stained with the dust or greasy dirt. Then they are going to be out of service.

In the coursework of Door Seal, there's plenty of factors that lead to the oil leakage. The bad sealability of this seal is the main factor. When the shaft is abraded seriously and there is a groove on the shaft, the oil seal will lose its sealability. Even through people modify a brand spanking new oil seal, the sealability still can not be improved. When the contact pressure between the lip and the shaft is reduced, the Rubber strip becomes small and thus the sealability becomes weak.